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Andrea Bauer, Bruno Haid, Tainá Moreno Christoph Fahle

Modern tribalism or the new vision of collective living

Andrea Bauer, Boris Moshkovits, Masha McConaghy, Elizabeth Markevitch

Blockchain and the brave new Art World

Andrea Bauer, Boris Moshkovits, Alexa Clay, Marek Tuszynski

Space Ship Earth. Who is at the steering wheel of our future?

Andrea Bauer, Boris Moshkovits, Cristina Riesen, Monika Frech

New Work Order. Knowledge Workers Of The World, Unite!

Andrea Bauer, Boris Moshkovits, Geraldine de Bastion, Raúl Aguayo Krauthausen

Every bit counts! How Digital Activism is changing the world

Andrea Bauer, Manouchehr Shamsrizi, Tomáš Sedláček, Boris Moshkovits

What’s the Color of Money? The myth of economics

Andrea Bauer, Mark Chung, Robert Levine, Boris Moshkovits

Caught in the (Re-)Mix: Musicians taking control

Boris Moshkovits, Andrea Bauer, Angela Richter, Jacob Appelbaum

A Changing Narrative: From Hacking to Storytelling

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