D.DAY | About


Who we are?

D.DAY network is a think tank and a collective of leading thinkers and creators dedicated to help aspire and establish an holistic understanding on the effects of our digital era. D.DAY has been initiated by Andrea Bauer and Boris Moshkovits in 2014.

We are the explorers of the interdependency between human and technology. We are bridge builders by facilitating an discourse between experts from different disciplines.
We like to think cross-boarder. We love to combine different disciplines and to understand the world in its holistic nature. And most of all: We love smart people … with humor.

What makes us move?

We are curious people, who like to search for the hidden truth. We believe that the more you interconnect knowledge the more likely you come closer to the hidden truth.

Therefor we create a network of excellent minds from different disciplines to build an environment for a discourse about changes in a digital post-modern society.

How we do it?

D.DAY is about conquering new territories of thought and action in a digital age.  As the digitalization of all human interactions continues to change our perception of the world, D.DAY brings together thought leaders and change makers to discuss the impact for future business developments, social movements and change.  We explore the digital disruption in culture, business, politics and urban life with opinion leaders from diverse backgrounds, making D.DAY a unique social environment to forge new paths into a positive future.

D.DAY events are a mix of presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions and networking.  Each D.DAY session aims to break down preconceived walls and stimulate new thinking by encouraging discussion about interdisciplinary approaches from a meta-level and automatisms of current digital and social developments.